SCADA systems are very vulnerable.  SCADA is rarely updated and, often times, security is sacrificed in the name of convenience.  We have experience in hardening SCADA systems. We can establish “honeypot” systems that mimic SCADA controls without exposing live SCADA environments.  These honeypots bring the entire SCADA picture into focus; keep SCADA systems available to the right people.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments highlight missing pieces in a Utility’s network. Risk profiles for Utilties in rural areas are different from metropolitan areas.  We have helped both. Whether you are a coop or energy authority, we can help you establish a reasonable and appropriate security strategy.  

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing brings the risks to the forefront.  We test the ability to breach your network without damaging your production systems.  Penetration Testing results where we reach ground zero are invaluable to our clients. We pick the lock (if possible), tell you how we got in, define what we could harm, and tell you how to secure it all without actually compromising your systems.


Your top security threat is inside you company’s walls.  Don’t let people be your weak link. We can help you tailor effective policies for your staff and periodically test the controls behind the policies.  From phishing campaigns to social engineering experiments, we can find the weak spots.

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