Cloud Security

Being able to work from anywhere is fantastic…as long as it is secure.  We have experience in securing cloud environments. We’ve seen what happens to cloud systems when they are exposed to the internet.  We can help you prevent nasty security breaches.


Your top security threat is inside you company’s walls.  Don’t let people be your weak link. We can help you tailor effective policies for your staff and periodically test the controls behind the policies.  From phishing campaigns to social engineering experiments, we can find the weak spots.

Business Continuity

A good risk strategy will take into consideration how to continue operating in the event of a security incident.  Designing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) from the ground up can be tedious as well as confusing. You only find out your BCP is lacking when you need to recover from a security incident.  We can help you establish an effective BCP that is customized to fit your government agency.

Incident Response

Oh no!  You’ve been breached.  You can feel helpless in this situation even if you’ve experienced a data breach in the past.  Handling the incident alone can make things worse. Allow us to come in and triage your security incident.  We provide rapid responses to active security breaches as well as remediation of the event after it occurs.

Got Questions

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